Is ex-NYPD #PeterLiang ‘s Rich Mom who Paid $655,500 ALL-CASH for Her Home Mocking #AkaiGurley ‘s Death via Blood on Her Hair, Fur Coat, etc?

The following is a modified and edited guest post from a reader.

See the eight (8) photos of Peter Liang’s mother (dated between November 2015 to March 2016) in this blog.

Peter Liang’s mother, Fanny Liang (real Chinese name: Hui-Fen He) who owns a multi-family house in Brooklyn worth nearly $1 Million at 1968 65th St, Brooklyn NY 11204 collecting rental income from tenants, in various pictures displaying her red hair that resembled blood. You decide if Fanny Liang was mocking Akai Gurley via “blood on her hair” and fur coat (dead animal skin symbolic of Akai Gurley) before, during and after her son’s trial in Brooklyn courthouse. Fanny Liang ironically was wearing her black fur coat while accepting PUBLIC MONEY DONATIONS (at last count per World Journal Chinese newspaper in early March 2016, more than $600,000 cash donations) to help her son pay for legal bills. If you have sharp eyes for luxury handbags, can you tell if Fanny Liang was carrying a luxury handbag in the pictures below? Is this the new trend? Rich people no longer need to hide their wealth when seeking public monetary donations? Fanny Liang (real name: Hui-Fen He) and her husband (Ri-Wen Liang) own a multi-family house at 1968 65th Street, Brooklyn NY 11204, they bought and paid for this Brooklyn home in 2005 for $655,500 with CASH ONLY, NO MORTGAGE NEEDED. This Brooklyn house is currently worth nearly $1 Million. Part of the Brooklyn house is rented to tenants for rental income.


Peter Liang’s mother Fanny Liang dyed her hair red that resembled blood and wore fur coat (dead animal skin). Did she want to remind the jury that she had Akai Gurley’s blood all over her hair and dead animal skin symbolic of Akai GurleyPhoto credit: New York Post article January 19, 2016 in Brooklyn courthouse.


Another picture of Fanny Liang in red hair and black fur coat in Brooklyn courthouse. Photo credit: Sing Tao Daily article January 19, 2016.


Fanny Liang in red hair and black fur coat checking the public donation money to pay for her son’s legal bills. Any experts in luxury handbags? Was Fanny Liang carrying a luxury handbag in the photo? Photo credit: Epoch Times article December 2, 2015.


Fanny Liang in red hair and black fur coat checking the public donation money to pay for her son’s legal bills. Any experts in luxury handbags? Was Fanny Liang carrying a luxury handbag in the photo? Photo credit: Sing Tao Daily article December 2, 2015.


Fanny Liang in red hair and black fur coat checking the public donation money to pay for her son’s legal bills. Any experts in luxury handbags? Was Fanny Liang carrying a luxury handbag in the photo? Photo credit  Sing Tao Daily article on December 21, 2016.


Fanny Liang in red hair. She was picking up public donations from Lin Sing Association to pay her son’s legal bills. Any experts in luxury handbags? Was Fanny Liang carrying a luxury handbag in the photo? Photo credit: Sing Tao Daily article on December 23, 2016.

Take a listen to Fanny Liang in angry outburst one day after her son was convicted.  Video credit: NY1 News reporter Dean Meminger’s tweet February 12, 2016


Still in red hair but color faded after multiple shampoo washes, Fanny Liang wore dark sunglasses, a black down jacket and spoke to the media one day after her son was convicted. Photo credit: Epoch Times article February 12, 2016.


More than two weeks after her son was convicted, Fanny Liang still kept her hair red as seen in this picture. Photo credit: US China Press March 4, 2016


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Anti-Trust Issue: #KeyFood Should Withdraw Bids at 2 NE Queens #NYC Waldbaums

Folks, there is an area in Queens, NY (Fresh Meadows/Bayside, Queens area) where I think Key Food Supermarket will become too dominant in the neighborhood (aka: Anti-Trust Issues) if Key Food does not withdraw from bidding at the 2 Waldbaum’s Supermarkets below. There is also the fact that, for the acquired stores, Key Food Only wants to Keep Lowest Paid Part-Timers, Cut Medical Benefits from Family Plan to Single Plan & Reduce Hourly Pay by $5/Hr.

Scroll down to file Anti-Trust complaints to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the Key Food headquarter phone number and address are also listed below. The local NY Senator Tony Avella is keeping a close watch on the fate of the Waldbaum’s and Pathmark within his district, you can subscribe to Senator Avella’s mailing list at this link for the latest updates on the five Waldbaum’s and Pathmark in his district. The 2 Waldbaum’s noted in this blog are both inside Senator Avella’s district. In addition, the following grocery stores are also in Senator Avella’s districtPathmark at 31-06 Farrington St, Flushing NY 11354, Waldbaum’s at 213-15 26th Ave, Bayside NY 11360, and Waldbaum’s at 153-01 10th Ave, Whitestone NY 11357.

I believe the heavy concentration of Key Food clustering in one area (FOUR Key Food Supermarkets within a THREE-mile radius, with no other comparable American supermarket nearby) is stifling competition and giving consumers little choices. Although there are two ethnic supermarkets: Korean H-Mart Supermarket and Chinese IOG Supermarket, I heard these two Asian Supermarkets have bad odor in the store (Rotten-egg like Kimchi odor at HMart by the K-Town Restaurant inside the supermarket, and fishy odor in the open fish tank at IOG) that turn off non-Asian customers. That’s besides the fact that ethnic grocers HMart and IOG do not sell as many variety of mainstream American food products.


Existing Key Food (see picture of a Map above)
1) Key Food at 214-14 73rd Ave, Bayside NY 11364  (see the sign of “A” in the photo above)

2) Key Food at 61-50 Springfield Blvd, Bayside NY 11364 (see the sign of “B” in the photo above)

Key Food is a Stalking Horse Bidder intending to buy the following two Waldbaum’s

3) Waldbaum’s to be converted into Key Food at 196-35 Horace Harding Expy, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 (see the sign of “C” in the photo above)

4) Waldbaum’s to be converted into Key Food at 35-09 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside NY 11358 (see the sign of “D” in the photo above)

The Headquarter of Key Food Stores Co-Operatives is: 1200 South Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10314.  Tel: 718-370-4200

In case you want to file complaints with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regarding Anti-Trust issues, see below.

To file a complaint with the FTC regarding the Anti-Trust issues related to Key Food,

To fully describe your concern, please provide answers to the following questions:

  • What company, entity or organization is engaging in conduct you believe violates the antitrust laws?
  • How do you believe this entity may have harmed competition?
  • What is your role in the situation? For instance, are you a customer, competitor or supplier?

To help us serve you better, please include a day-time telephone number in your communication.


Regular Mail:
Office of Policy and Coordination
Room CC-5422
Bureau of Competition
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580
Telephone: (202) 326-3300

NOTE: E-mail is not secure.  Confidential information should be marked “Confidential” and sent via regular mail.  To learn how we may use the information you provide, please read our Privacy Policy.

RESPONSES TO E-MAIL: The Bureau appreciates hearing your concerns and the time you have taken to express your views.  Please understand that in some instances the volume of e-mail we receive on a particularly issue is such that we cannot respond individually to each message.  You have our assurance, however, that all incoming messages are forwarded to the appropriate division within the Bureau of Competition and that your views are being heard.

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Pictures of Clearance Sales at certain Waldbaum’s & Pathmark Supermarkets

Folks, I don’t know about the suburbs with their Wegmans, Whole Foods, Trader Joe, ShopRite, Costco, Walmart and other options to choose from. It’s disappointing to see Waldbaum’s and Pathmark shuttering in Queens, NY. When the entire A&P supermarket chain shuts down, I expect other grocery chains will raise prices due to lesser competitions. Especially in the Queens, NY area. I think Key Food will raise the prices because they are clustering many Key Food within a 2 or 3-mile radius in Queens.

In case you want to learn about the A&P Bankruptcy news update, check my blog post here.

My friends and I snapped pictures of clearance sales at certain Waldbaum’s and Pathmark recently (mostly in Northeast Queens and Nassau County, Long Island area). Sorry, no pics for Eastern and Southern Queens unless it’s easy to find parking spots. NOTE: you can CLICK ON ANY OF THE PHOTO below for ENLARGED and BETTER VIEWING. I reduce the photo size on my blog to make it run faster.

Some of you may like the clearance sales, others probably think the weekly sales offer much better bargains (especially combined with Manufacturer Coupons).

See the following pictures.

Three pictures below (photos taken on last week of Aug 2015): The Baking Supply section has Clearance Sales at Waldbaum’s Supermarkets at 35-09 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside NY 11358 – Tel (718) 445-7472. This Waldbaum’s is diagonally across from Holy Cross (All-Boy) Catholic High School. It’s too bad this Waldbaum’s is very small in size, and the parking lot EVEN SMALLER. This section of Francis Lewis Blvd is DANGEROUSLY CURVY, not a pleasant drive at all. But I am sure the firefighters at the FDNY Fire House diagonally  across the street shop at this Waldbaum’s for their daily in-house cooking needs.




Two pictures below (photos taken on last week of Aug 2015):  The Victoria brand pickled vegetables, the entire selection on clearance sales at Pathmark Supermarket at 2335 New Hyde Park Rd, New Hyde Park, NY 11042 · (516) 354-4966 – I like that this Pathmark is SO HUGE. It’s a shame that it hasn’t gotten Stalking Horse Bidder yet. This Pathmark has a HUGE Parking Lot with Liquor Store, T.J. Maxx and Party City in the same lot.



Five pictures below (photos taken on last week of Aug, 2015): A big section of canned soup and broth on Clearance Sale at Waldbaum’s Supermarket at 196-35 Horace Harding Expy, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365  – (718) 423-9589 – this Waldbaum’s is across the street from St. Francis Prep (high school) – the largest Catholic High School in the U.S.  

NOTE: LOTS OF BARGAIN SHOPPERS at this store right next to the busy highway – WARNING TO ALL, you must act fast on ANY Weekly Sales or Clearance Items – You Snooze You Lose at this store (I ain’t kidding).

This Waldbaum’s gets very decent inventory turnover due to large number of residents who live in the large Apartment Complexes by 188th St in Fresh Meadows, Queens to Grannies in the neighborhood looking for bargains to the Firefighters at the FDNY Fire House at Utopia Parkway (near Horace Harding Expwy) shopping for their in-house cooking needs. Don’t wait! When the hundreds of thousands School Teachers & Administrators at St. Francis Prep get back to work in September, the Clearance Items should be wiped out good.






Lastest update as of Sept 4, 2015: Waldbaum’s at 40 Great Neck Rod, Great Neck, NY has apparently RE-STOCKED the 3 empty shelves of frozen seafood, chicken and meat that was totally bare at the end of August.

Two pictures below (Photos taken on first week of Sept, 2015): The 3 previous empty shelves are RE-STOCKED again.



Two pictures below (Photos taken on last week of Aug, 2015): Waldbaum’s at 40 Great Neck Rd Great Neck, NY 11021 – (516) 504-0879 emptying the perishable frozen seafood and pre-packaged chicken, sausage and turkey section. Meanwhile, they STILL CARRY other brand of frozen meat on the long aisle of frozen food. This Waldbaum’s near Great Neck LIRR gets LOTS of customer traffic on Weekday evening rush hours and Weekend hours (aside from Commuters and nearby workers, there are several apartment complexes nearby). I don’t understand why there are no Stalking Horse Bidder for this store.


The picture (taken at the last week of August 2015 has since been fully re-stocked in Sept 2015) above was formerly the frozen Sausage and Turkey section at the Waldbaum’s near the Great Neck LIRR.


The picture (taken at the last week of August 2015 has since been fully re-stocked in Sept 2015) above was formerly the frozen Seafood and Chicken sections at the Waldbaum’s near the Great Neck LIRR.


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Queens Head Injury Conference Opens the Door a Little Wider

On Shaken Baby

queensCountyDAThis fall’s NYC Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome Conference, sponsored jointly by the Queens County District Attorney’s Office and the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, will feature some of the most outspoken proponents of shaken baby theory but also a few of the skeptics.

The conference, which is aimed at legal and medical professionals, costs only $25 and runs a day and a half, on September 17 and 18. The program will open with a history of traumatic brain injury by science writer Sam Kean, whose new book The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons promises “true stories of trauma, madness, and recovery.”

Past Queens conferences have featured roundtable discussions that included critics as well as proponents of shaken baby theory, but this year’s schedule lists two full presentations from skeptics, one by attorneys Keith Findley of the Wisconsin Innocence Project and Adele Bernhard of the Post-Conviction Innocence Clinic, and one…

View original post 723 more words

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List of A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s, Superfresh, Food Basics & Food Emporium CLOSING, SECURED BIDDERS, AUCTION RESULTS

Scroll down all the way to the bottom for the original list of Store Closings and list of stores with “Stalking Horse Bidders“. NOTE: Stalking Horse Bidder = the first and lowest bid, setting the “floor price” before the auction starts. If no other bidders make the move, “Stalking Horse Bidders” will claim the winning bid. See my new blog links on: Anti-Trust Issues: Key Food should Withdraw Bids at 2 Waldbaum’s in NE Queens, NYC. And Pictures of Clearance Sales at Certain Waldbaum’s and Pathmark Supermarkets – See News Updated grouped by Dates below.

How about asking A&P Supplier, C&S Wholesale Grocers, to buy the UNSOLD A&P stores until they can find buyers later. C&S bought the failing Grand Union Supermarkets in 2001, then they sold the stores in 2012 to Tops Friendly Markets. Background information on family-owned C&S Wholesale Grocers which supplied about 65% of products sold at A&P stores. Hidden Billionaire Richard Cohen (CEO of C&S) Hauls Fortune in Unmarked Trucks by Bloomberg News, Profile of Richard Cohen CEO of C&S Wholesale Grocers by Wikipedia, Profile of C&S Wholesale Grocers by Wikipedia, C&S corporate website executive profiles by C&S official website, Shift in C&S Strategy is Predicted by The Deal.

NOTE: Investor Ron Burkle and his Yucaipa Cos., are nothing more than corporate raiders and job destroyers. First they take over grocery chains, next step is to let them rot and then let them bleed to death. A&P isn’t the last company being destroyed by Ron Burkle & Cronies, Fresh & Easy is the latest victim to file for bankruptcy and to disappear soon. I suggest struggling Fairway Supermarkets to HIRE Ron Burkle & Cronies to follow in the footsteps of A&P and Fresh & EasyInvestor Burkle’s Fresh & Easy grocery chain files for bankruptcy by Reuters, Grocer Fresh & Easy Files for Bankruptcy Protection by Wall Street Journal, Fresh & Easy files for Chapter 11 by Supermarket News, Burkle Can’t Save Grocer as Fresh & Easy Falls Again by Bloomberg.

News on Dec 17, 2015: A&P Sues Buyer Of Millwood Store For Not Completing Purchase by The Daily Voice, Life After A&P: Grocery giant’s downfall poised to remake Northeast retail landscape by Progressive Grocer (blog)

News on Dec 8, 2015: A&P Wins Approval to Sell Food Emporium Brand to Key Food by Wall Street Journal

News on Nov 25, 2015: Pathmark, A&P exit Morris County, NJ by Daily Record

News on Nov 23, 2015A&P makes severance offers for 3 stores by Supermarket News, H Mart wins court approval to buy Jericho Waldbaum’s by Newsday, Gallery: Final hours of A&P’s ‘Bridgemarket’ by Supermarket News

News on Nov 22, 2015: The end of A&P: Employees, consumers wonder what the future holds by Newsday

News on Nov 16, 2015: Developer wants to replace A&P with housing by

News on Nov 14, 2015: A&P granted extension to file bankruptcy plan by

News on Nov 13, 2015: Stop & Shop to complete A&P conversions by Supermarket News

News on Nov 6, 2015: A&P Tentatively Agrees to Sell Great Neck Waldbaum’s to Best Yet Market by

News on Nov 5, 2015: Nov 5 Update on Approved & Not-Yet-Approved Stores by the blog of Local 338 Labor Union. More A&P Store Sales Win Bankruptcy Judge’s Blessing by Wall Street Journal.

News on Nov 4, 2015: Best Yet bids for five more A&P locations on Long Island by Newsday, One third of A&P stores didn’t sell, thousands of job losses expected by New York Business Journal. Nov 4: Urgent Update on A&P Bankruptcy Developments by the blog of Local 1500 Labor Union.

News on Nov 3, 2015: Key Food top bidder for Food Emporium banner by Supermarket News

News on Oct 30, 2015: List of A&P Stores Converting to Key Food (Including the Names of the Individual Owners and 2 Stores owned by Corporate Oversight of Key Food) by the blog of Local 338 Labor Union, A&P to Sell Customer Pharmacy Records to CVS, Rite Aid by Newsday,

News on Oct 29, 2015: List of Store Conversion by Stop & Shop with Expected Closing and Re-Opening Dates by PR Newswire Press Release, Bolstered by New Additions, Key Food CEO Outlines Growth Plans by Supermarket News

News on Oct 28, 2015: A&P Notifies State of Layoffs at Montvale Corporate Headquarters by, CVS, Rite Aid Win Approval to Buy A&P Pharmacy Records by Dow Jones

News on Oct 23, 2015: UFCW 1500 Update as of 10/23 Pathmark Bankruptcy Developments by the blog of UFCW 1500, A&P Looks to Sell Brand Names by, A&P Puts Brand, Data on the Block by Supermarket News, A&P Brand Names And Customer Data Are Up For Auction by The Consumerist, A&P stores in Clinton, Califon closing in November by

News on Oct 22, 2015: Key Food Confirms 23 A&P Buys, Will Operate 2 Under Corporate Oversight by Supermarket News.

News on Oct 21, 2015: Liquor Licenses Didn’t Come with Stores Acme Bought from A&P by, $13 Million ShopRite Project Coming to South Plainfield, Report Says by

News on Oct 20, 2015: Unions Swap Objections for Jobs in Sold A&P Stores by Supermarket News. Update on A&P Bankruptcy Procedures by the blog post from Local 1500 Labor Union, Next Resource Fair for A&P Members: 10/23 in NYC by the blog post from Local 1500 Labor Union. Local 338 Update on A&P Stores status by the blog of Local 338.

News on Oct 16, 2015: Bankrupt A&P’s Move Toward Liquidation Picking Up Steam by Local 338 Updated List of Stores Approved by the Judge as of 10/16/2015 by the blog of Local 338,

News on Oct 14, 2015A&P Clean-Up Auction Possible for Unsold Stores by, Foodtown Supermarket Operator Plans to Buy A&P in Washington Township by

News on Oct 13, 2015: C&S, Dinged by A&P Collapse, Announces Layoffs by Supermarket News.

News on Oct 12, 2015Another 8 Stores Go in A&P Auctions; Many More in “Limbo” by Supermarket News.

News on Oct 11, 2015: Anxiety Spreads at A&P Stores Without Bidders by

News on Oct 9, 2015: Court filings on the Oct 8 Bid Results —->>> Bid_Results_Oct_8. Court filings on the Food Bazaar “Stalking Horse Bid” and Back Up Bidder List —>>> Food_Bazaar_Bid. Court filings on the PSK Supermarket “Stalking Horse Bid” and Back Up Bidder List —>>> PSK_Supermarket_Bid. Court filings on the Dave Marion “Stalking Horse Bid” and Back Up Bidder List —>>> Dave_Marion_Bid. Court filing by Local 338: Local 338 Filing Objections with the Court on Oct 9, 2015. The Oct 9 blog update on the Auction Results and Job Fair Info from Local 338.

News on Oct 8, 2015: Buyers Unlikely For At Least 6 A&P-owned Supermarkets in Bergen, Passaic Counties, NJ by, Stop & Shop Set To Begin Conversion Of 25 Former A&P Stores In Greater New York by PR Newswire Press Release. UFCW 1500 Update on the Oct 8 Auction by the blog of UFCW 1500.

News on Oct 7, 2015Landlords for A&P Stores in Washington Township, Ramsey Seek Rent Payments by, Thousands More A&P Workers Could Be Unemployed by Thanksgiving by Wall Street Journal, A&P Facing Deeper Layoffs of 13K on Thanksgiving by New York Post. Employees Ask Judge to Reject Non-Union Bid by Supermarket News. LaGrangeville A&P Expected to become ShopRite by Poughkeepsie Journal.

News on Oct 6, 2015: UFCW Local 342 Members + Employees at the Waldbaum’s in West Hampton Beach, NY and the community members+customers submitted letters and petition to Judge Richard Drain to object to the store being sold to Best Yet Market, Inc. See the 88-page letters of objection —>>> WB_Objection. A&P Reveals First Bid Winners; Most Stores Go Unsold by Supermarket News, Eight A&P Stores in North Jersey Fail to Find Buyers in Auction by

News on Oct 5, 2015: A&P has filed this disclosure with the court on the (click on the link –>>) Bid_Results. The Bidding Results (in Exhibit A) includes BACK-UP Bidders at certain stores, see Exhibit B for “Adjourned Stores” to be auctioned in the next round.

News on Oct 2, 2015: Payouts to A&P bosses criticized; chairman got $4.6M before bankruptcy by – Bidding Results for Stores under Local 338 Labor Union’s Watch by the blog of Local 338, Bidding Results for Stores under UFCW 1500 Labor Union’s Watch by the blog of UFCW 1500.

News on Oct 1, 2015: A&P reveals $12.6 million in insider payments by Supermarket News. The Mount Kisco, New York A&P Store Fetches $25 Million Top Dollar at Auction by Dow Jones (requires subscription)

News on Sept 30, 2015: Auctions set for A&P stores on Oct 1 and 2 at the law offices of Weil, Gotshal & Manges in Manhattan, NY by Supermarket News.

News on Sept 28, 2015: The ethnic grocer Food Bazaar is a bidder for 4 A&P Stores. Interestingly, non-grocer Federal Realty Group is bidding for 3 stores. Read the details in this news link: Food Bazaar bids for 4 A&P Stores, while mall owner/developer Federal Realty Bids for 3 A&P stores by Supermarket News, A&P issues layoff warning to 319 workers at Montvale headquarters by For the most updated list (updated as of 9/28/2015), see this link here: UPDATE: What Will Become of the Remaining A&P Stores? The Latest List by

News on Sept 26, 2015: NYC City Council Considers Regulation of Grocery Personnel Decisions by Gotham Gazette.

News on Sept 25, 2015: Wakefern (the parent company of ShopRite) is making bids for 12 A&P stores in Danbury, Conn., and Lagrangeville, N.Y.; two Pathmark stores in New York (Bethpage and New Hyde Park); a Waldbaums store in Deer Park, N.Y.; and seven Pathmark stores in Pennsylvania (Brookhaven, Glenolden, Wyncote, Upper Darby and Philadelphia — Oregon Avenue, Aramingo Avenue and Monument Avenue.). The auction will take place on Oct 8 for these 12 A&P stores. Morton Williams is also bidding on 3 Food Emporium in New York City. See link to the news: Wakefern, Morton Williams make A&P bids by Supermarket News. A&P Bankruptcy News: New APA’s Signed by Wakefern & Morton Williams by UFCW Local 1500 blog post, A&P to Sell 12 Stores to Wakefern Food for $40 Million by Wall Street Journal. BID DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 5PM ON MONDAY SEPT. 28, 2015 DUE TO INFLUX OF NEW BIDDERS.

NOTE: the 3 Stalking Horse Bidders have withdrawn bids on 9 stores (A&P has a total of 296 stores for sale. 25 stores shut down immediately without buyers. The stores with Stalking Horse Bidders total 112 stores, down from 118 and from the original 120 stores). Acme is a bidder of 71 stores (down from 76, it drops out of 6 stores, but in negotiation to buy 1 store in Pennsylvania – address unknown), Stop & Shop is a bidder for 24 stores (down from 25), and Key Food is a bidder for 17 stores (down from 19).

Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for these 6 stores as of 9/18/2015. Acme originally bid for 76 stores, then it drops out of 6 stores (as listed below), but Acme is working to purchase 1 store in Pennsylvania (address not disclosed, see the original news reporting this Penn store negotiation), bringing the total stores intending to purchase to 71 stores.  

A&P (2005 Albany Post Road, Croton on Hudson, NY)
A&P (1233 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY)
A&P (422 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY)
A&P (230 Saw Mill River Road, Millwood, NY)
Superfresh (1025 Youngs Ford Road, Gladwyne, PA)
Superfresh (401 New London Road, Newark, DE)

Stop & Shop is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this 1 store as of 9/18/2015

A&P (195 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY)

Key Food is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for these 2 stores as of 8/10/2015

Food Basics (2185 Coyle Street, Brooklyn, NY)
Pathmark (410 West 207th Street, New York, NY)

News on Sept 25, 2015: Pathmark Bankruptcy Update: 9/25 by the UFCW Local 1500 blog post.

News on Sept 21, 2015: A&P Deal Preserves Jobs; 95 Stores Sold to Acme, Stop & Shop by, A&P Wins Approval of Store Sales for Total of $370 Million by Bloomberg News.

News on Sept 18, 2015: Greedy A&P Insiders Took Home 9.4 Millions in Year Before Bankruptcy by the Wall Street Journal, A&P Bankruptcy Update: Key Food, Stop & Shop Negotiations & New Bid Date by the UFCW Local 1500 blog, A&P Update on Bid Auction Deadline Delay and Negotiations with Key Food, Stop & Shop, Acme by Local 338 Labor Union,

Per Newsday, A&P has once again extends the bid submission deadline to Monday, Sept 21 at 5PM. It was originally scheduled for Sept 11, then it was pushed back to Sept 17, now it is pushed back to Sept 21.

News on Sept 15, 2015: Judge Approves REDUCED A&P Executive Retention Pay, With Added Severance Payment to Workers by

NOTE: The UFCW Local 1500 noted in its blog dated Sept 11, 2015 the following dates have been changed. NOTE: per UFCW blog dates 9/18/2015, the Bid Deadline has extended yet again to 9/21/2015.

Bid deadline – moved to 9/28/15    (Previously scheduled for 9/11, moved to 9/17, 9/21 )
Auction – moved to 10/1 & 10/2, 10/8 – subject to change (Previously scheduled for 9/24-25)
Sale Hearing – moved to 10/16/15 – subject to change   (Previously scheduled for 10/1)
Bankruptcy Code Section 1113(c) Hearing – moved to 10/16/15 – subject to change

News on Sept 11, 2015: Judge Won’t OK Executive Retention Plan Unless A&P Increases Severance Payments to Workers by, Judge Says A&P Can’t Pay Executive Bonuses Without Severance Relief by Dow Jones (subscription required). Westhampton Beach Waldbaum’s Remains Open; Future Unclear by (The Southhampton Press)

News on Sept 10, 2015: Legal Experts Question Greedy A&P’s $6 Million Trust Fund right before Bankruptcy Filings by

News on Sept 9, 2015: Greedy A&P set up $6 Million Trust Fund For Executives right before Bankruptcy Filing, Aside from $5 Million Executive Retention Pay Bonus by

News on Sept 8, 2015: Read the UFCW Union’s Objection to A&P’s KERP (aka: fancy term for Management Bonus Plan) from their blog. Unions, Trustees Object to A&P Retention Plan by Supermarket News,  A&P Key Employee Bonus Plan Criticized by Unions, Watchdog by Dow Jones (subscription).

News on Sept 3, 2015A&P severance pay cut in half as chain prepares to shut Clifton, NJ store from

News on Sept 2, 2015: Key Food Only Wants to Keep Lowest Paid Part-Timers, Cut Medical Benefits from Family Plan to Single Plan & Reduce Hourly Pay by $5 from New York Post. Stop & Shop mum on Plans for Kinnelon & Butler NJ Stores from

News on Sept 1, 2015Judge Lets A&P Limit Seniority Bumping; Unions Granted Higher Severance from A&P Looks to Spend Hourly Severance Savings on Executives from New York Post.

News on Aug 26, 2015: A&P Asks Court to OK $5 Million Dollar in Retention Pay For Executives, Managers from  A&P Seeks to Pay Bonuses to Non-Union Executives and Managers from Wall Street Journal.

News on Aug 24, 2015: A&P Supermarkets Thanksgiving Day Layoff List Grows to 8,500 jobs at 93 Stores from Judge Approves A&P’s Sale of Pharmacy Assets to Rite Aid – from Wall Street Journal.

News link Aug 21, 2015: A&P notifies 3,781 N.J. workers of layoffs effective Thanksgiving Day from

News link Aug 18, 2015 : A&P, in change of plan, seeks bids for all its grocery stores by Newsday via AM New York, lastly, from Judge tells A&P, unions to resolve issues by Wednesday 

UFCW Local 1500 wrote a blog post update on Aug 16, 2015 on the labor union’s negotiation with Key Food (one of the three “Stalking Horse Bidder”Little Progress on Key Food Negotiations

Several links to recent news: Bankrupt A&P Seeks to Slash Severance So It Can Pay Creditors by NY Post on Aug 12, 2015, How A&P’s Bankruptcy Is Hurting Nearby Business by NY Post on Aug 15, 2015, A&P Seeking to Slash Severance Pay by on Aug 14, 2015.

News update on the August 10 bankruptcy court meeting. Update from the UFCW Local 1500 union is here. Update from reporting: A&P bankruptcy: Judge issues collusion warning. One notable mention from the news, Key Food is withdrawing bids at 2 A&P stores in the NYC area, citing “environmental” issues. The 2 stores Key Food is withdrawing bids are: Food Basics on Coyle St in Brooklyn and Pathmark on W. 207 St in Manhattan. Therefore, the total number of stores with “Stalking Horse Bidders” went down from 120 to 118. Wall Street Journal reporter Joseph Checkler noted in the Dow Jones news wire that A&P has received 220 parties interested in bidding for any of stores, whether keeping as supermarkets, or for other purposes.

Per Bankruptcy Filings on August 5, 2015, the federal agency, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp (PBGC), is raising issues with A&P’s auctions. PBGC claims A&P should change its auction procedures to encourage assumption of pension liabilities by a proposed buyer. Pensions for 25,815 A&P workers under multi-employer plans are currently underfunded by $302.5 million, according to the filing. The landlords for the 200+ stores are raising their concerns about A&P’s auction: information and time on prospective new tenants and other issues.

Per U.S. Bankruptcy Court filing in White Plains, NY on July 29, 2015, A&P has hired Gordon Brothers Retail Partners LLC as its liquidation consultant for the grocer’s going-out-of-business sales.

A&P announced on July 20, 2015 that it is closing 25 stores immediately. It has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection the second time in five years. READ the Bankruptcy Filings here (go to pages 75-79 for stores that have secured BIDDERS, NOT confirmed buyers, subtract 1 store in Brooklyn, NY and 1 store in Manhattan (New York), NY because Key Food is withdrawing bid on 2 stores), some local news outlets are jumping to the conclusion too early on the 120 (118) stores that have secured “Stalking Horse Bidders” (NOTE: they are NOT confirmed buyers until the Auction deadline in Sept 2015). They are NOT done deal yet, the potential buyers indicated that they don’t want to assume A&P’s huge debts. The remaining 151 (153) stores have NOT secured Bidders yet, see pages 80-85 for that list. A&P has a total of 296 stores: 25 are set to close, 120 (118) have SECURED “Stalking Horse Bidders”, 151 (153) have NO bidders yet.

Read pages 12-15 for the Global Bidding Procedures. A&P is setting an auction timeline including a Global Non-Binding Indication of Interest Date deadline on August 24, 2015 and a Sept 11, 2015 deadline for bidders to file binding offers. Bidders who meet certain criteria will earn “qualified” bid status, making them eligible to go forward with the auction, according to the bankruptcy filing. There is a Sept 18, 2015 deadline to publish qualified bidders. If there are competing bidders, auctions will be held on Sept 24 to 25, 2015 with a hearing to follow on Oct. 1, 2015. If no qualified bidders emerge, the hearing will be on Sept. 22, 2015. 

I found the A&P website locating the information to be quite difficult. Therefore, I am re-creating the list here. Source link: The FAQ section of the A&P website.

Which store locations will be closing?

  • A&P (2101 Route 35, Holmdel, NJ)
  • A&P (325 Highway 35 South, Cliffwood, NJ)
  • Pathmark (1764 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, NY)
  • Pathmark (115 Belmont Avenue, Belleville, NJ)
  • Pathmark (450 West Swedesford Road, Berwyn, PA)
  • Pathmark (2150 Middle Country Road, Centereach, NY)
  • Pathmark (85 Ackerman Avenue, Clifton, NJ)
  • Pathmark (895 Paulison Avenue, Clifton, NJ)
  • Pathmark (50 Racetrack Road & Route 18, East Brunswick, NJ)
  • Pathmark (561 Route 1, Edison, NJ)
  • Pathmark (420 McDade Boulevard, Folsom, PA)
  • Pathmark (651 North Stiles Street, Linden, NJ)
  • Pathmark (1043 Route 9 North, Old Bridge, NJ)
  • Pathmark (840 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Pathmark (85 Franklin Mills Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Pathmark (1256 Indian Head Road, Toms River, NJ)
  • Pathmark (300 South Best Avenue, Walnutport, PA)
  • Pathmark (3901 Lancaster Avenue, Wilmington, DE)
  • Superfresh (1301 Skippack Pike, Center Square, PA)
  • Superfresh (2105 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE)
  • Superfresh (863 East Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square, PA)
  • Superfresh (1851 South Columbus Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Waldbaums (2 Westbury Avenue, Carle Place, NY)
  • Waldbaums (3620 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, NY)
  • Waldbaums (1510 Old Country Road, Riverhead, NY)

What stores are covered by the asset purchase agreements?

Stores under the agreement with Acme Markets Inc. (Note: Acme is merely a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for the following stores. The auction will take place in September 2015. If no other bidders compete with Acme, these stores will default to Acme)

  • A&P (2007 State Route 35, Wall Township, NJ)
  • A&P (100 Triangle Center, Yorktown, NY)
  • A&P (137 Lake Street, Midland Park, NJ)
  • A&P (125 Franklin Turnpike, Mahwah, NJ)
  • A&P (1260 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, NJ)
  • A&P (610 Columbus Avenue, Thornwood, NY)
  • A&P (2160 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ)
  • A&P (520 Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake, NJ)
  • A&P (660 Mclean Avenue, Yonkers, NY)
  • A&P (3105 East Main Street, Mohegan Lake, NY)
  • A&P (123-125 Main Street, Denville, NJ)
  • A&P (125 18th Street, Jersey City, NJ)
  • A&P (45 Demercurio Drive, Allendale, NJ)
  • A&P (2005 Albany Post Road, Croton on Hudson, NY) Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015
  • A&P (1511 Route 22, Brewster, NY)
  • A&P (801 Kenilworth Boulevard, Kenilworth NJ)
  • A&P (907D Oak Tree Road, South Plainfield, NJ)
  • A&P (5774 Berkshire Valley Road, Jefferson Township, NJ)
  • A&P (530 Route 515 Unit 1, Vernon, NJ)
  • A&P (1233 Nepperhan Avenue, Yonkers, NY) Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015
  • A&P (507 Prospect Avenue, Little Silver, NJ)
  • A&P (614 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ)
  • A&P (Route 22 and Route 138, Golden Bridge, NY)
  • A&P (829 Route 82, Hopewell Junction, NY)
  • A&P (12-14 Cedar Street, Bronxville, NY)
  • A&P (510 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ)
  • A&P (1201 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT)
  • A&P (422 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY) Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015
  • A&P (3 Village Center, Mahopac, NY)
  • A&P (1060 Raritan Road, Clark, NJ)
  • A&P (230 Saw Mill River Road, Millwood, NY) Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015
  • A&P (5 Ortley Plaza, Ortley Beach, NJ)
  • A&P (455 Route 23, North Sussex, NJ)
  • A&P (261 South Ridge Street, Rye Brook, NY)
  • A&P (160 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT)
  • A&P (1886 Pleasantville Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY)
  • A&P (152 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ)
  • A&P (1261 East Putnam Avenue, Riverside, CT)
  • A&P (777 White Plains Road, Eastchester, NY)
  • A&P (199 Kinderkamack Road, Park Ridge, NJ)
  • A&P (103 Knollwood Road, Greenburgh, NY)
  • A&P (1366 East Main Street, Shrub Oak, NY)
  • A&P (55 Riverwalk Drive West New York, NJ)
  • A&P (23 Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle, NY)
  • A&P (Route 44 and North Avenue, Pleasant Valley, NY)
  • A&P (288 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT)
  • A&P (990 Shrewsbury Avenue, Tinton Falls, NJ)
  • A&P (3500 Route #9, Old Bridge, NJ)
  • A&P (75 Mayhill Street, Saddle Brook, NJ)
  • A&P (177 Washington Valley Road, Warrenville, NJ)
  • Pathmark (321 Stadium Plaza, Jersey City, NJ)
  • Pathmark (58 Broad Way, Elmwood Park, NJ)
  • Pathmark (481 River Road, Edgewater, NJ)
  • Pathmark (2101-41 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Pathmark (4100 Park Avenue, Weehawken, NJ)
  • Pathmark (80 New Bridge Road, Bergenfield, NJ)
  • Pathmark (281-295 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ)
  • Pathmark (5100 Wellington Avenue, Ventnor, NJ)
  • Pathmark (7700 Crittenden Street, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Pathmark (100 College Square, Newark, DE)
  • Pathmark (4365 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington , DE)
  • Pathmark (643 Conchester Highway, Boothwyn, PA)
  • Superfresh (180 West Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Superfresh (9507 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD)
  • Superfresh (1305 West Chester Pike, Havertown, PA)
  • Superfresh (609 East Bay Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ)
  • Superfresh (800 2nd Street, Pike Richboro, PA)
  • Superfresh (1812 Marsh Road, Wilmington, DE)
  • Superfresh (305 South Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Superfresh (800 West Avenue, Ocean City, NJ)
  • Superfresh (1001 South Street, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Superfresh (18578 Coastal Highway Rehoboth, DE)
  • Superfresh (2400 Delaware Avenue, Wildwood, NJ)
  • Superfresh (250 East Lancaster, Wynnewood, PA)
  • Superfresh (1025 Youngs Ford Road, Gladwyne, PA) Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015
  • Superfresh (401 New London Road, Newark, DE) Acme is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015

Stores under the agreement with Ahold’s Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. (Note: Stop & Shop is merely a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for the following stores. The auction will take place in September 2015. If no other bidders compete with Stop & Shop, these stores will default to Stop & Shop)

  • A&P (195 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY) Stop & Shop is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 9/18/2015
  • A&P (400 Demarest Avenue, Closter, NJ)
  • Pathmark (407 Valley Street, South Orange, NJ)
  • Pathmark (460 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Square, NY)
  • Pathmark (130 Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale, NY)
  • Pathmark (1720 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY)
  • Pathmark (2136 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY)
  • Pathmark (625 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
  • Pathmark (2965 Cropsey Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
  • Pathmark (134-40 Springfield Boulevard, Jamaica, NY)
  • Pathmark (92-10 Atlantic Avenue, Ozone Park, NY)
  • Pathmark (31-06 Farrington Street, Whitestone, NY)
  • Pathmark (4055 Merrick Road, Seaford, N Y)
  • Pathmark (1351 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY)
  • Pathmark (961 East 174th Street, Bronx, NY)
  • Pathmark (25 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ)
  • Waldbaums (85 East Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY)
  • Waldbaums (702 Hicksville Road, Massapequa, NY)
  • Waldbaums (167 Main Street Jagger Lane, Southampton, NY)
  • Waldbaums (905 Atlantic Avenue, Baldwin, NY)
  • Waldbaums (156-01 Cross Bay Boulevard, Howard Beach, NY)
  • Waldbaums (60 Wall Street, Huntington, NY)
  • Waldbaums (67 Newtown Lane, Easthampton, NY)
  • Waldbaums (112-15 Beach Channel Drive, Bell Harbor, NY)
  • Waldbaums (213-15 26th Avenue, Bay Terrace, NY)

Stores under the agreement with Key Food Stores Co-operative Inc.

NOTE:  Per Joseph Checkler with the Wall Street Journal on Aug 10, 2015, Key Food is withdrawing bids for 2 stores (Food Basics on Coyle St in Brooklyn, and Pathmark on West 207 St in the Bronx).

(Note: Key Food is merely a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for the following stores. The auction will take place in September 2015. If no other bidders compete with Key Food, these stores will default to Key Food)

  • A&P (355 Halsted Avenue, Harrison, NY)
  • A&P (5661 Riverdale Avenue, Bronx, NY)
  • Food Basics (465 Getty Avenue, Paterson, NJ)
  • Food Basics (289 Bergen Boulevard, Fairview, NJ)
  • Food Basics (2185 Coyle Street, Brooklyn, NY) Key Food is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 8/10/2015
  • Food Basics (937 Lincoln Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ)
  • Food Emporium (10 Union Square 14th & Park, New York, NY)
  • Pathmark (1525 Albany Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
  • Pathmark (410 West 207th Street, New York, NY) Key Food is no longer a “Stalking Horse Bidder” for this store as of 8/10/2015
  • Waldbaums (196-35 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY)
  • Waldbaums (35-09 Francis Lewis Boulevard, Bayside, NY)
  • Waldbaums (1050 Willis Avenue, Albertson, NY)
  • Waldbaums (1-1 Park Plaza, Glen Head, NY)
  • Waldbaums (82-35 153rd Avenue, Howard Beach, NY)
  • Waldbaums (81-21 North Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)
  • Waldbaums (75-55 31st Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY)
  • Waldbaums (2424 Flatbush Avenue, South Flatbush, NY)
  • Waldbaums (259-01 Union Turnpike, Glen Oaks, NY)
  • Waldbaums (375 Tompkins Avenue, Rosebank, NY)

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See “The Syndrome” documentary about Medical Corruptions and Wrongful Convictions in Shaken Baby Syndrome Prosecutions

Susan Goldsmith, award-winning investigative journalist and co-filmmaker of “The Syndrome” documentary, will be a guest speaker at the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) on Saturday, Sept 26, 2015. Venue address: 1201 East Speedway Blvd, Tucson AZ 85721. Have questions about this event, email Susan – PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED. Venue capacity is 50 people. Breakfast and lunch will be served.  


The Syndrome” documentary won the Cultural Spirit Award at the New Hope Film Festival in New Hope, PA.


The Long Island International Film Expo nominations have been announced and ‪#‎TheSyndromeFilm‬ is a Best Documentary Nominee! Thank you ‪#‎2015LIIFE‬ and Bellmore Movies staff and audience.


For press inquiry, contact Jenny Bloom
Tel: (310) 857-2020 x 131

Visit the official Facebook page of “The Syndrome” for latest information on Film Festival screening locations.

Check out this eye-opening and shocking documentary film, “The Syndrome” co-created by award-winning investigative journalist Susan Goldsmith and filmmaker Meryl Goldsmith. After watching the film, you won’t look at the medical profession and the criminal justice system the same way again.

Highlights from Matt Coker at the OC Weekly who reviewed “The Syndrome” documentary when it was screened in California in April 2015: A 1998 cover package by reporter Susan Goldsmith broke the story that one of LA’s most prestigious law firms was using private in-house investigators to illegally spy on litigation opponents by obtaining their confidential health and financial records. She went on to pour years of research into shaken baby syndrome, discovering that it was a creation of junk science and many were being unjustly prosecuted for it around the country.

Her reporting is the basis of a documentary “The Syndrome” she collaborated on with her cousin, Meryl Goldsmith

While Susan Goldsmith appears as a talking head in the picture, the real stars are the doctors, defendants, scientists and legal scholars who pierce gaping holes into shaken baby syndrome allegations. Included is Audrey Edmunds, a mother of three and prisoner of 11 years for killing a baby she never harmed. 

And then there are the physicians who have turned speaking in courts, at conferences and from their own national center on shaken baby syndrome into gold–despite there being no peer-reviewed science to justify the syndrome’s existence.

Scroll down to see the film trailer and other media interviews about the film.

Twitter handle: @TheSyndromeFilm , Link to Reset Films, the official website of “The Syndrome”

Magazine Profile of “The Syndrome” by Lauren Kirchner at Pacific+Standard Magazine

Watch the trailer

Watch TV interview with filmmaker Meryl Goldsmith with Fox31 TV station in Denver Colorado.

Watch “The Syndrome” documentary producers Meryl Goldsmith and Susan Goldsmith with Kathy Hyatt who was exonerated in an interview with Kansas City Live TV show before the film’s premiere at the 2014 Kansas International Film Festival.

“The Syndrome” documentary Director/Producer Meryl Goldsmith in an interview with WSCA radio host Shawn Henderson in Portsmouth, New Hampshire before the 2014 New Hampshire Film Festival

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Successful Appeals Keep the Conversation Going

On Shaken Baby

Two court decisions in different parts of the country have brought shaken baby syndrome theory into the news this week, one focusing on the science of infant head injury and the other on legal process.

Judge James J. Piampiano Judge James J. Piampiano

In a move that USA Today called a possible state precedent, Judge James J. Piampiano in Monroe County, New York, vacated the murder conviction of child care provider Rene Bailey, citing what he called “a compelling and consequential shift in mainstream medical opinion” about the kind of injuries suffered by two-and-a-half-year-old Brittney Sheets at Bailey’s home day care in 2001.

At the time, Bailey reported that Brittney had fallen off a chair, but prosecution doctors testified that a fall from only 18 inches could not kill a child. The decision, available on line through the Democrat & Chronicle news coverage, quotes pediatrician Jack Finnell on the stand at Bailey’s trial in December of 2001:

I hark back to someone…

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