Hampton Film Festival this week: Documentar​y on the unemployed in Long Island, #NY #OccupyWal​lStreet #OWS http://bit​.ly/qjAGiB

via LI Business News: Hamptons fest film looks at LI unemployment
Highlights from the news article: 
The result “Hard Times: Lost on Long Island” is an hour-long documentary debuting this Saturday at the Hamptons Film Festival, before airing on HBO at a date still to be determined in 2012.
The movie premieres at 4:30 p.m. Saturday (Oct 15) at the United Artists East Hampton Theater and at 2:45 p.m. Sunday at the United Artists Southampton Theater, shining a light on Long Islanders grappling with life amid long-term unemployment. Levin as well as some of the subjects of the documentary will be on hand.
The documentary focuses primarily on people in their 40s or older, although it also shows an unemployed couple in their 30s struggling to pay the mortgage.
“We’re all going through a revolution, an economic paradigm shift, globalization, automation,” Levin said of financial forces at work. “For middle-aged people in Plainview and mid-Island, 45 to 65, it’s harder to relearn new skills and a new profession. A lot of people go for menial jobs. They’re not hired. People tell them you’re overqualified or too old.”
He said he saw a new trend amid high unemployment, as some companies choose to consider only applications from people who are employed. If you need a job, these companies don’t want to consider you.
The movie also shows how easy it is to lose a mortgage on Long Island after you lose your job. Levin films a younger couple, a teacher and a chiropractor, as they get word that the bank refused their refinancing application. “They receive a foreclosure notice during the holiday,” Levin said. “We’re there with them.”


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