Weekly Radio Lies Oct 14, 2011: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Lies Again

Today is Oct 14, 2011, I am here to write about the Weekly Radio Lies by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Let’s refresh everyone’s memory before I go into Bloomberg’s lies. Michael Bloomberg ranks #12 in the Forbes 400 Richest American List, his net worth is estimated to be $19.5 BILLION. He is one of THE 1%, and he is busy defending his fellow 1% cronies.

On the weekly radio address on Oct 14, 2011, I found that (no surprise) the Billionaire Michael Bloomberg lies again on the radio show.

Bloomberg claims that the City Council members should not have called the owner of Zuccotti Park (aka: Brookfield Office Properties) to tell them to stop cleaning (and evicting) the Occupy Wall Street protesters. If Brookfield doesn’t listen, the City Council would make their lives miserable. Then Bloomberg claims that if the City Council was as hardworking in creating jobs, New York City wouldn’t have such protests to begin with.

FACT: The billionaire Michael Bloomberg is the owner of his media empire, Bloomberg, LP. In February 2009, his media empire laid off more than 100 employees. Furthermore, when Bloomberg LP acquired Business Week magazine, there was another round of layoff cutting one third of the staff there. Meanwhile according to Forbes magazine, Bloomberg’s wealth was $11.5 Billion in 2008, $16 Billion in 2009, $18.1 Billion in 2010 and $19.5 Billion in 2011. Bloomberg moved from 142nd to 17th in the Forbes list of the world’s Billionaire in only 2 years (from 2007 to 2009). His ranking has moved up further to #12 in 2011.

See this link to the NY Times dated February 4, 2009 about Bloomberg, LP laying off more than 100 workers HERE.

See the link to the layoffs at Business Week as of March 2010 cutting 1/3 of the staff HERE.

So the REAL job destroyer is Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself.

As for Mayor Bloomberg’s accusations that many members of the City Council and other local politicians had called Brookfield (the owner of Zuccotti Park) and made the “threats” about the City Council’s intention to make Brookfield the corporation miserable. I would like to see unaltered telephone messages and voicemail messages before I would actually fall for his habitual lies.

Furthermore, if Brookfield made the decision on Thursday night (Oct 13) to postpone the alleged “clean-up”, why would Brookfield withhold the information until around 6:40 am the next day (early Friday morning, Oct 14). Many political observers speculate that it was Bloomberg himself who made the decision to cancel the “clean-up” because he realized the clean-up will tarnish his already bad legacy. As though Bloomberg needed another bad snow job from Blizzard of December 2010 or the massive CityTime fraud to tarnish his reputation once again.

Stay tune for more lies from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he’s expected to make more lies on his next weekly radio address.


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