Brookfield Owes NYC $139K Back Taxes & Looted $700K of 9/11 Gov’t grant meant for Small Business but Evicting #OWS #OccupyWal​lStreet protesters

Update as of Dec 5, 2011: Read this news about Brookfield being a deadbeat on NYC taxes, $139,000 back taxes, in addition to cheating 9/11 Gov’t grant meant for Small Businesses, Brookfield clearly is NOT a Small Business with over 2,500 employees and offices in Australia and Canada. 

NYDN: Zuccotti Park owners Brookfield Properties owe city $139G in back taxes Read more at this LINK

EXCLUSIVE from NY Daily News (NYDN), for the full story by investigative reporter Greg B. Smith, see the link HERE

Zuccotti Park owners (Brookfield) received nearly $700,000 in 9/11 Government grants meant for Small Business – but the $8 BILLION Brookfield company with 2,500 employees is NOT a small business. Meanwhile, Brookfield was fully insured & compensated for the loss and damages related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Brookfield was dipping into Taxpayers’ money ($700,000 plus inflation-adjusted accrued interests in a decade) when they clearly were not eligible for the 9/11 Government grants. Yet Brookfield want to evict #OccupyWallStreet protesters? How about the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara investigating Brookfield’s fraudulent claims as a small business, looting taxpayers at least $700,000 plus interest?

As for Real Estate (R/E) developers urging the City Council & the City Planning Commission to restrict the access of privately-owned Public Park between 1am to 5am every night. For R/E developers who reap the benefits from the City zoning incentives to build taller buildings by providing privately-owned Public Park, how about a City Council mandate to restrict the use & access of the EXTRA building space that Brookfield built between 1am to 5am also? It’s quid pro quo? Isn’t it?


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