10/7 edition #Top10Lies -Weekly Lies by Mayor @MikeBloomberg re: #OWS #OccupyWallStreet

This is my 2nd response to Mayor Bloomberg’s lies that he made in his weekly radio address on Oct 7, 2011. See the bottom of this writing for the link to my 1st response to 3 lies Bloomberg made on his weekly radio address on Sept 30, 2011.
For the record, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg ranks No. 12 in the 2011 Forbes magazine 400 Richest American list. Bloomberg’s net worth is $19.5 Billion. Bloomberg belongs to the Richest 1% American who is out-of-touch and who is too busy defending his Wall St. cronies to care about the 99% little people like us.
See this link for the complete list of the 400 Richest American as published on Sept 21, 2011.     http://onforb.es/p2DXz1
Bloomberg’s Lie #1: The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protesters are trying to destroy jobs on Wall Street.
FACT:  Check the real facts from Reuters news dated June 21, 2011 (link provided below). The real facts contradict with Bloomberg’s lies. In early Summer 2011, the Wall St. executives have been planning mass layoffs of the rank-and-file employees, long before the OWS movement was launched on Sept 17, 2011. So don’t twist the facts, greedy Wall St. executives mapped out the layoff plans at least several months before the OWS protest started in Sept 2011.
The major reason Wall St. executives decided to layoff the rank-and-file employees is because they want to maintain the same level of pay, bonus, stock options and other goodies all to themselves. So, the REAL JOB DESTROYERS are the greedy Wall St. executives who try everything to make sure their monetary compensation are not reduced under any circumstances – including the layoff of the rank-and-file workers, the $5 surcharge on debit cards and the multiple fees & surchages on checking accounts, and any other methods to suck money out of the 99% American. Yet, the same Wall St. executives don’t get punished for their financial crimes or for their bad job performances. They always blame other people for their own bad job performances or their own criminal wrong-doing.
(Source: Reuters News – June 21, 2011): Financial sector layoffs rise, more cuts ahead. Read this Reuters news link:  http://reut.rs/kUdLLj
Highlights from the Reuters article on June 2011:  Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an employment consulting firm, said on June 2011 the financial sector has outlined 21 percent more job cuts so far this year than it did in 2010. Banks, insurance firms and brokers have outlined plans to eliminate 11,413 positions through May 2011, according to publicly available information cited by Challenger, compared with 9,431 during the same period a year ago.
Remember that the Wall St. executives looted the Bailouts funded by taxpayers’ money? Every dollar that Wall St. bankers “earned” is at the expense of ordinary American losing their jobs, their health insurance and their homes via foreclosures. The ordinary American funded the Bank Bailouts. Instead of creating middle-class jobs, the Wall St. executives (aka: the FAT CATS) looted the Bailout money to provide and maintain their own luxury lifestyles. But it’s not enough for these greedy Wall St. executives, they wanted more, so they laid off workers since 2008 and they pre-emptively layoff more rank-and-file workers in 2011 for the same greedy reasons.
Wall St. executives may be supplying a sizable payroll revenue. But don’t forget that the main reason Wall St. bankers provided a stable & sizable payroll tax revenue is because Wall St. looted the Bailout money funded by taxpayers. The stable and sizable payroll tax revenue came from the Taxpayer-funded Bailout. Don’t ever forget this!  
Bloomberg’s Lie #2:  The OWS protesters are costing $2 million in NYPD overtime pay so far.
FACT:  You NEVER hear Bloomberg ever mentioning that the CityTime contractors under his watch for the past decade have been looting taxpayers at least $700 million and counting. The NYPD overtime pay is like spare change or a small droplet in the bucket when comparing to the $700 million massive fraud happening at CityTime right under Bloomberg’s nose. Despite repeated warnings from numerous City officials, Bloomberg had repeatedly ignored the active warnings about the super-bloated, over-the-budget and fradulent activities happening at CityTime. This CityTime fraud smells so bad that an investigative reporter, Juan Gonzalez, at the NY Daily News uncovered the massive CityTime fraud in December 2010. It was only after the NY Daily News broke the CityTime scandal, that Bloomberg finally conceded that the CityTime crooks have been defrauding taxpayers’ money for nearly a decade.
For people not from NYC, the Bloomberg Administration hired a third party contractor called CityTime via a no-bid contract. The CityTime contractors were supposed to modernize the payroll systems in the City government. Instead the CityTime contractors wasted nearly 10 years without finishing the payroll system project, yet they have been busy looting taxpayers at least $700 million. The CityTime crooks made the payroll system so “convoluted” that despite the Federal prosecutors indicting the CityTime crooks, the CityTime contractors are still expected to finish up the “convoluted” payroll system.
If Bloomberg is so concerned about the $2 million NYPD overtime pay, why did Bloomberg repeatedly ignored warnings from various City officials that the CityTime contractors are fraudulent crooks who are burning taxpayers’ money ($700 Million) like there is no tomorrow? Despite the Great Recession of 2008, Bloomberg’s personal fortune actually increased in the past few years and the past decade. According to Forbes magazine, Bloomberg’s wealth was $11.5 Billion in 2008, $16 Billion in 2009, $18.1 Billion in 2010 and $19.5 Billion in 2011. Bloomberg moved from 142nd to 17th in the Forbes list of the world’s Billionaire in only 2 years (from 2007 to 2009). His ranking has moved up further to #12 in 2011. It makes me wonder if Bloomberg had received Kickback (a certain % of commission and profit-sharing) from the CityTime crooks by allowing CityTime unlimited looting on taxpayers’ money (at least $700 million fraud and counting). The actual fraud figures in the CityTime scandal may be higher than $700 million as investigators are still looking into the blatantly wasteful and fraudulent Black Hole that is called CityTime. And how many other “CityTime fraud of the world” are associated with Bloomberg?
(Source: NY Daily News – June 20, 2011)  Prosecutors unveil new indictments in CityTime scandal; project was ‘corrupt to its core’: Bharara. Link to the NY Daily News articlehttp://nydn.us/lW7fSd
(Source: NY Daily News – January 21, 2011)  CityTime’s 700M scandal gets worse: Accounting firm says only contractor has knowledge to run it. Link to the NY Daily News article:    http://bit.ly/pN5tST
When Bloomberg decides to deploy excessive amount of police to monitor the peaceful protesters on Wall St., Bloomberg is once again mis-managing his resources to screw the City. There are multiple sex attackers and rapists on the loose in Brooklyn. How about deploying more police in Brooklyn to capture the multiple rapists/sex attackers still at large for nearly 1 year that are posing serious threats to women in Brooklyn? In case Bloomberg has “selective amnesia” problems. Rape and sexual assaults are felonies. But the “alleged” disorderly conducts by the OWS protesters are, at best, misdemeanor charges. By the way, the OWS protesters are looking into class-action lawsuits suing the NYPD for misconduct. The Communist Chinese are laughing at America’s broken democracy system, and about the hypocrisy of the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg. The Chinese see the NYPD brutality against peaceful protesters and Mayor Bloomberg suppressing human rights as nothing more than what their own Communist comrades are doing to their Chinese citizens daily. Not to mention the larger national problems that led to American protesting in nearly a thousand cities across the country.   

See this link for my 1st response to Bloomberg’s lies made on Friday Sept 30, 2011 about his Wall St. Cronies – (Lie #1) Wall St. people only make $50,000 per year – I have facts to prove his lie #1, (Lie #2) Don’t assault Wall St. Banks, otherwise they will be discouraged to lend money – I have facts to prove his lie #2, (Lie #3) That OWS blame the wrong people. Wall St. not to be blamed – I have facts to prove his lie #3. Follow this link to Bloomberg’s lies on Sept 30, 2011: http://wp.me/p1VchV-e


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