93 Climate Killer Banks Worldwide to Un-Bank & Sever Ties With Now!

See this LINK to the PDF file containing a list of the 93 Mega Banks (worldwide) that are lending money and supporting Coal Fired Electricity and Coal Mining which are very harmful to the environment, go to page 53-55 on the PDF file for the alphabetical list of the 93 Mega Banks. Unless you do not have young children and grandchildren growing up, they will be inheriting and growing up in an environment that is much more toxic than we experience in our generation. Consider un-banking these Mega Banks that pollute the earth – stop feeding them with your money. See this LINK for “How-To” guide on moving your money out of Big Banks into either small community bank or credit union.

If you need more reasons to dump the Big Banks (especially the American Wall St. banks), watch this Oscar-winning documentary “Inside Job” about how the 2008 financial collapse came about. See this LINK for the full length HD version in English.

Quick summary list of the Top 20 MegaBanks financing the big toxin-producers: the Coal Fired Electricity and Coal Mining since 2005.

1) JP Morgan Chase / Chase Bank (USA)

2) Citigroup / Citibank (USA)

3) Bank of America (USA)

4) Morgan Stanley (USA)

5) Barclays (United Kingdom)

6) Deutsche Bank (Germany)

7) Royal Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom)

8 ) BNP Paribas (France)

9) Credit Suisse (Switzerland)

10) UBS (Switzerland)

11) Goldman Sachs (USA)

12) Bank of China (China)

13) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (China)

14) Crédit Agricole / Calyon (France)

15) UniCredit / HVB (Italy)

16) China Construction Bank (China)

17) Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Japan)

18) Société Générale (France)

19) Wells Fargo (USA)

20) HSBC (United Kingdom)

For the remaining 73 Mega Banks (worldwide) that are aiding and abetting pollution and big Climate Changes via financing the toxic industry: See pages 53-55 in this LINK for the alphabetical list of 93 Mega Banks (worldwide) that provide funding to big toxic-polluters: the Coal Mining and Coal Fired Electricity Industry that are causing big climate changes around the world.
See page 15 for Top 20 Banks financing coal fired electricity and coal mining since 2005
See page 24 for Top 20 Banks financing coal mining worldwide (since 2005)
See page 27 for Top 20 Banks financing Coal India (since 2005)
See page 29 for Top 20 Banks financing Anglo American, BHP Billiton and Xstrata (since 2005)
See page 32 for Top 20 Banks financing coal fired electricity worldwide (since 2005)
See page 35 for Top 20 Banks financing the biggest coal fired electricity companies
in China (since 2005)
See page 37 for Top 20 Banks financing Eskom (since 2005)
See page 50 for List of Coal mining companies
See pages 51-52 for List of Coal-fired electricity companies

The complete PDF file is published by urgewald, groundWork, Earthlife Africa Johannesburg and BankTrack. If you would like more information, here are their contact information.



Tel: (49)-2583-1031




Tel: (27)-33-3425662


Earthlife Africa Johannesburg


Tel: (27)–11-339 3662




Tel: (33)-688-907868



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