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Help Needed: Survivor of Hit-and-Run Accident Lost 1/3 of His Skull

Update March 12, 2012: My friend told me the Chinese media reported that Jin Bin Wang has found a Rehabilitation facilities in Brooklyn after being released from the hospital. According to Ming Pao News, the newspaper has now decided to stop receiving donation checks for Jin Bin Wang. You can contact the lawyer for Jin Bin Wang regarding donation. I’ve provided the lawyer’s address, phone # below on the “UPDATE as of Feb 15, 2012. Thanks for your support!

After the two NYC Chinese-language newspapers: Sing Tao News and Ming Pao News, published the news story in Feb 2012 about Jin Bin Wang, he has found a lawyer to help him. According to the news briefing on Feb 14, 2012, the lawyer for Mr. Wang said he just started the process. The lawyer has NOT received the police report about the hit-and-run car accident on Nov 21, 2011, only the EMS report so far. Therefore, Mr. Wang is not yet able to establish insurance claims against the hit-and-run driver. And he has a wife and children to support in China. See this LINK for the Feb 14 news briefing in Chinese as reported by Sing Tao News (get a Chinese-speaking friend to translate the news for you). 

UPDATE as of Feb 15, 2012: Jin Bin WANG – the Chinese food delivery man who miraculously survived a hit-and-run car accident has a long road to recovery after losing 1/3 of his skull (head): trouble with short-term memory, frequent headaches, etc. He needs more surgeries in the future. He has a wife and children to support in China. Nearly 3 months after the car accident, he just found a lawyer for this case. Mr. Wang has retained Vincent S. WONG attorney-at-law to represent him.
You can mail donation, make the check payable to: Jin Bin Wang,
Mailing address: The Law Office of Vincent S. Wong, Esq.,  
39 East Broadway, Suite 304, New York, NY 10002
. The attorney’s office PHONE #: (212) 584-2740, or (212) 349-6099 , FAX#: (866) 367-6510, or (212) 349-6599. E-mail:  or  The attorney will forward the checks to his client. 

Wow! I received the photos sent from and translated by a Chinese friend. This man, Jin Bin WANG, was working for a Chinese restaurant on Murray Street in Lower Manhattan. Mr. Wang was delivering Chinese food around City Hall area in New York City on November 21, 2011 at around 5pm. He was hit by a car, the driver fled the scene of the accident. Fortunately, the NYPD found and arrested the driver later. The most incredible survival story – the man lost 1/3 of his skull but survived the injury. He is still in recovery stage and he is unable to work. He needs help.

You can see more photos from these news links, published in the Chinese newspaper called Sing Tao in New York City on Feb 11, 2012 LINK and published on Feb 14, 2012 in this LINK. Another Chinese newspaper called Ming Pao in New York City has this news story in JPEG format dated Feb 14, 2012. See the story below in Chinese. You can click on the picture below to enlarge the picture and the news story. You can contact the Ming Pao Newspaper at  (718) 786-2888, Ming Pao News address 43-31  33rd Street, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101, Ming Pao News will forward any check donations to this man. Make the check payable to the survivor of this hit-and-run: Jin Bin WANG (Wang is the last name). Although my Chinese friend thinks his Chinese last name should be spelled as HUANG

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