Picket/Protest/Phone H-Mart Supermarket Chain to End Their Racist Hiring Policies

H-Mart in Bayside just opened a few days ago (on August 17, 2013), there are already 2 comments on Yelp.com. This H-Mart in Bayside currently receives 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Picketing H-Mart at the Lunar New Year Parade on Feb 16, 2013. See details in this LINK.

NOTE: H-Mart is an international supermarket chain with at least 40 stores in 13 states (California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and the state of Washington), plus stores in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada and London, England. It isn’t a mom-and-pop store, DIVERSITY in hiring and equal opportunity employment should not cause hardship to an international supermarket chain such as H-Mart. FYI, the H-Mart stores in Great Neck, NY and Williston Park, NY are in neighborhoods with 85% and 90% White population respectively, and Asian make up only 5% and 7% of the population.

UPDATE Oct 26, 2012: If you eat Korean “Nong Shim” noodles, beware that “Nong Shim” Korean noodles are being recalled for containing harmful carcinogen called benzopyrene. To make matters worse, per the Korea Times, the cancer-causing findings were revealed in June 2012, though the Korean FDA just issued a recall on those six varieties on Oct 25, 2012. Korean people are really looking out for noodle-eating consumers by delaying the information, as though there aren’t enough people with cancer.

UPDATE Oct 24, 2012: Read the news article from the Queens Courier about the 2 activists protesting H-Mart at the Union Street store in Flushing. See details below on the weekly protest for the date, time and location, if you’re interested in joining the protest, e-mail Jim MacDonald: JamesMacdonald49@hotmail.com If you cannot make it to the protest, call H-Mart headquarter in New Jersey: (201) 507-9900 or toll-free (877) 427-7386, tell H-Mart to end their racist hiring.

Jim MacDonald (l) and Vincent Middleton (r) have been picketing the unfair hiring practices of H-Mart since late August. Photo from Queens Courier.

H-Mart founder and owner Il-Yeon Kwon celebrated H-Mart’s 25th birthday in Georgia in 2007. The white man in the photo, Gary McClung, was the former President and CEO of the now-defunct Century Security Bank in Duluth, GA.

Picketing/Protesting H-Mart Supermarket’s Racist Hiring Policies: In case you didn’t notice, H-Mart only hires Korean workers (most don’t speak English) plus low-level jobs going to Hispanics, even in suburban neighborhoods with majority non-Korean population such as Great Neck (85% White, 9% Hispanic, 4.9% Asian and 2.8% Black), and Williston Park (90% White, 6.98% Asian, 0.4% Black) in Long Island. Likewise, about half of the population in Bayside NY  are non-Asian (i.e. Greek, Italian, Irish, Hispanics, African-American, etc). The other half of the population consists of Asian from different countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Phillipines, India, etc. There is ZERO chance of H-Mart hiring the old Waldbaum’s workers who had worked at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside, NY 11358. They will picket at H-Mart in Bayside once it is opened for business. For now, they’are protesting at the Union St. store in Flushing.

Everyone is welcome to join the weekly picketing/protesting at H-Mart.

WHERE: 29-02 Union St, Flushing NY 11354 (H-Mart Supermarket). Bus: Q20A, Q20B (weekdays only) and Q44 Local stops in front of the supermarket. Q44 Limited stops at Union St & 26th Ave, head south to 29th Ave to reach the supermarket. You can take the Q20A, Q20B and Q44 buses from downtown Flushing Main Street #7 subway station.
WHEN: for 2 hours from 9am to 11am, every Saturdays (skipping Oct 20) but will resume picketing on Oct 27, 2012 and thereafter
CONTACT: Jim MacDonald’s E-mail: JamesMacdonald49@hotmail.com if you want to join the protest and get car transport info.

If you can’t join the protest, call H-Mart headquarter office in Lyndhurst, New Jersey at (201) 507-9900 or toll-free (877) 427-7386. Tell H-Mart to end their racist hiring policies and to hire the unemployed Waldbaum’s workers at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside NY 11358 to get jobs at the NEW H-Mart at the same location.

Per my friend in Bayside NY, the H-Mart at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd in Bayside is still not ready at all despite the space being empty and available for 2 months. The old Waldbaum’s vacated the Bayside premise since August 23, 2012, but the store is still totally empty without shelves or cashier stations. Once the H-Mart in Bayside is opened at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd, everyone is invited to picket/protest H-Mart’s racist hiring policies at this Bayside location. Contact Jim MacDonald by e-mail if you want to join the Picketing/Protesting: JamesMacdonald49@hotmail.com

I had my share of language barrier problems when I shopped at H-Mart supermarket in Flushing, NY, the Korean workers barely understood English. I was surprised that even the H-Mart in Great Neck, NY (a neighborhood with huge Iranian Jewish population and recent influx of Chinese and Korean residents) also lacks English-speaking workers. Don’t repeat the same mistake in Bayside, Queens. H-Mart should hire the old Waldbaum’s workers for this Bayside location, at least they could speak English and answer questions from customers!

I shopped at H-Mart in Great Neck, NY last year. I approached a Korean worker who was checking the shelves to re-stock inventory near the canned food section. I asked this Korean worker a simple question in English, “Excuse me, do you sell buckwheat honey?”. He looked at me and he apparently spoke to me in Korean which I didn’t understand. I do not look like a Korean woman and I don’t have Korean ancestors in the family. And this is happening at H-Mart in Great Neck, NY with a large Iranian Jewish population plus recent influx of Chinese and Korean attracted to the excellent school district in Great Neck. I do notice this H-Mart in Great Neck sells basmati rice, borsch, kosher food, etc. I don’t think borsch and kosher food are staple food for Korean or Chinese people.

UPDATE as of August 24, 2012: Folks, eventhough the official closing date is Sat, Aug 25, 2012. This Waldbaum’s is already closed as of Thurs, Aug 23 due to strong sales on deeply discounted items. Since all the remaining inventory had been sold before the closing date, they closed the supermarket 2 days ahead of schedule.

UPDATE as of August 18, 2012: It is now up to 80% off Store-Closing Sale at this Waldbaum’s location. Again, the official closing date is only 1 week away on Saturday, August 25, 2012. Click on the photo below to enlarge it for better viewing.


UPDATE as of August 5, 2012: The store closing sale is now 10% to 75% off at the soon-to-be-closed Waldbaum’s at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd (see photo below).

Just got this information in my Inbox. It seems to be legitimate. See pictures below.

The Waldbaum’s supermarket that is having out-of-business sale is located in the northeastern part of Queens (NYC) at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361. You can get there by car or via buses Q27, Q31 and Q76 (check MTA bus schedules for frequency). The store will be officially closed on Saturday, August 25, 2012. Grab the discounted items while they last. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.  



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3 responses to “Picket/Protest/Phone H-Mart Supermarket Chain to End Their Racist Hiring Policies

  1. James MacDonald

    You say:

    “Please help the soon-to-be unemployed Waldbaum’s workers in this store get new jobs at H-Mart supermarket.”

    How can I do this and do you know the latest on whether Hmart will offer jobs to these laid off Walbaum’s workers?

    Jim MacDonald

    • Call H-Mart at 1-201-507-9900 or toll-free 1-877-427-7386. Tell H-Mart to hire the soon-to-be-unemployed Waldbaum’s workers at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd to get jobs at the NEW H-Mart at the same location.

      • Jim

        Thanks for your reply above.

        Two of us have been picketing the Hmart store at Union St and 29th Ave
        in Flushing since last week of August. We are there Saturday mornings from about 9 to 11.

        Our signs say that Hmart’s hiring policies are racist. They hire only Koreans – plus Hispanics for the low level jobs. I think zero chance they will hire the Bayside Waldbaum’s workers.

        Please consider visiting us on a Saturday morning and writing something about what we are doing.

        We will be there today – 10/13. Will skip 10/20 but back again 10/27 and thereafter.

        We would like to expand our protest to the new Bayside Hmart starting on it’s grand opening day. Do you know when this will be?

        Please feel free to contact me.



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