Picketing H-Mart at the NYC Flushing Lunar New Year Parade on Feb 16

Protest to End Their Racist Hiring Policies!

Even in suburban neighborhoods with majority non-Korean population, H-Mart only hires Korean workers with low level jobs going to Hispanics. Don’t forget H-Mart is an INTERNTATIONAL supermarket chain with more than 40 stores in 3 countries (USA, Canada and the UK). It’s not your mom-and-pop shop that cannot comply with EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).


Photo courtesy of Queens Courier.

DATE: Saturday, February 16, 2013
START TIME: 10:30am till the end of the parade
WHERE: Northwest or southwest corners of Main St. and 37th Ave

PHONE: (917) 284-1506
EMAIL: JamesMacdonald49@hotmail.com

If you cannot make it to the picketing on Feb 16, call H-Mart headquarter in New Jersey: (201) 507-9900 or toll-free (877) 427-7386, tell H-Mart to end their racist hiring. The H-Mart founder and CEO is called Il-Yeon Kwon, tell him to end his big supermarket chain’s racist hiring.

WHY PICKET H-MART? Because H-Mart is an international supermarket chain with at least 40 stores in 13 states (California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and the state of Washington), plus stores in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada and London, England. It isn’t a mom-and-pop store, diversity in hiring and equal opportunity employment should not cause hardship to an international supermarket chain such as H-Mart.

In case you didn’t notice, H-Mart only hires Korean workers (most don’t speak English) plus low-level jobs going to Hispanics, even in suburban neighborhoods with majority non-Korean population such as Great Neck (85% White, 9% Hispanic, 4.9% Asian and 2.8% Black), and Williston Park (90% White, 6.98% Asian, 0.4% Black) in Long Island, NY. Likewise, about half of the population in Bayside NY are non-Asian (i.e. Greek, Italian, Irish, Hispanics, African-American, etc). The other half of the population consists of Asian from different countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Phillipines, India, etc. There is ZERO chance for H-Mart hiring the old Waldbaum’s workers who had worked at 46-40 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside, NY 11358. They will picket at H-Mart in Bayside once it is opened for business.


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