Book Recommendations: The Wrongfully Convicted Write Books about Their Ordeals

UPDATE as of December 17, 2013: New book just released at the end of November 2013 about Mary Weaver being wrongfully accused and convicted of SBS. Buy her book “Edges of Truth: The Mary Weaver Story” written by Deb Brammer with Steve Brennecke, and learn about her story. Check out the Mary Weaver’s story website , they provide a short video summarizing the background of the story. You can buy her book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers.



Click on the photos above to get the ENLARGED viewing of the book covers (front and back).

I am listing books written by those who are wrongfully convicted of SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) charges. These parents or caretakers have since cleared their names legally, their convictions and accusations overturned by the court system. In particular, Audrey Edmunds who recently published her book, spent 11 years in prison for something she didn’t commit. Audrey Edmunds was exonerated after the Innocence Project in Wisconsin helped her. They are worth reading to expose the antiquated witch-hunting by SBS people who refuse to accept modern medical science debunking the SBS myth. When people look back a decade from now, they will be laughing at the SBS experts just like we laugh at the so-called experts who refused to believe that the earth was and still is round.

Watch Audrey Edmunds on the “Katie” show with Katie Couric on December 10, 2012. Her story starts at 19:51 in the video until 42:50. See below for her book “It Happened to Audrey” published in Dec 2012.

There are many more exonerated parents and caretakers who were accused of SBS charges.  I will update if any of the exonorated publish their books.

Title: It Happened to Audrey: A Terrifying Journey From Loving Mom
to Accused Baby Killer
Authors: Jill Wellington and Audrey Edmunds
The book is available on Amazon in Kindle e-book format and Paperback version.


Title: When Truth No Longer Matters (published in the UK)
Author: Heather Toomey
The book is available on in Kindle e-book format and in Paperback version in the US. The Amazon UK also sells this book in Kindle e-book format and in Paperback version for the UK (European) market.

UPDATE April 4, 2013 See this news link from the UK Daily Mail published on March 7, 2013: “We were accused of abusing the child we adore: It’s the most harrowing ordeal  imaginable – yet it happens more and more“. Three innocent couples share their  stories. One of the accused parent, Heather Toomey, has written a book called “When Truth No Longer Matters” available for purchase as paperback or e-book on Amazon, iTune, Lulu, Kobo, Nook and Google Play. Toomey’s son Sean actually has a genetic condition called “Storage Pool Disorder” that caused him to have a brain hemorrhage when he was just 3-weeks-old. The Shaken Baby Syndrome child abuse accusations are not isolated incidents. You can also read the stories on the “FeatureWorld” article in the UK.



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