NY Times calls John Liu a Liar – NYC Pension System Is Strained by Costs & Politics

Not long after former NYC Comptroller John Liu sent out fancy NY Senate campaign brochures claiming he did a stellar job on the NYC Pension investments in July 2014, the New York Times published the following FRONT-PAGE (Page A1) article on August 4, 2014 Print Edition contradicting John Liu’s false claims.

I have highlighted certain paragraphs in the New York Times article below.

By the way, despite John Liu falsely claiming that he is popular with Chinese-American voters in NYC. We know at least one Chinese-American who works for the New York Times is NOT a big fan of John Liu. New York Times City Hall bureau chief reporter David W. Chen broke the John Liu campaign irregularities scandal in 2011 with his colleague Raymond Hernandez. And David W. Chen is the lead author on the NYC Pension article below with his colleague Mary Williams Walsh.

There are plenty of Chinese-Americans against John Liu (NOTE: they don’t belong to Falun Gong at all). Read my other blog entry HERE for details.

New York City Pension System Is Strained by Costs and Politics


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