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“The Syndrome” Promises Fireworks

On Shaken Baby

Susan Goldsmith Susan Goldsmith

“Shaken baby syndrome is the most mind-blowing story I have encountered in 26 years as a journalist,” says Susan Goldsmith, whose film The Syndrome has been nominated for a Jury Award at its premiere next month at the Kansas International Film Festival. “The deeper and deeper you go, the worse it gets.”

Even over the phone, Goldsmith crackles with the same energy that makes the trailer so compelling and no doubt earned the film its nomination. “When I found out how the promoters of the theory are trying to silence their critics,” she flares, “I knew I had to make this movie.”

She promises an “explosive” exposé, consistent with her web site’s report that the film “unflinchingly identifies those who have built careers and profited from this theory along with revealing their shocking pasts.”

Dr. John Plunkett Dr. John Plunkett

The Syndrome profiles three of the most outspoken critics of shaking theory, forensic pathologist John Plunkett, pediatric neuroradiologist Pat Barnes, and neurosurgeon…

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My #NYPrimary Ballot I just voted 4 @ZephyrTeachout @superwuster & @tonyavella #sd11 #TeachoutWu


I went to vote bright & early this morning with my grandmother. She voted exactly the same as mine, but she is old-schooled, refusing to let me take a picture of her ballot. She cites the Anthony Weiner “little weiner” selfie as an example. She says to me, “It’s OK to talk about your private parts or private decisions, but not OK to publicize them in pictures.”


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